Corpus Callosum (cazrolime) wrote,
Corpus Callosum

I am a god of technology.

So you know how the game Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is infamous for not running in Vista? Okay, maybe not, but just trust me on that one if you've never tried getting it to work.


I am a genius, etc etc.

Well, it mostly involved googling around for patches and programmes, but there was also a bit where I had to work around some incorrect instructions and also that stupid Quicktime problem where the game refuses to work without a version about half a dozen times older than the current one. And then in the afternoon? I got my laptop's sound recording problem straightened out.

I'm more happy with this than is likely to be proper. See, most of the time I'm shit with computers. BUT NOT TODAY.

In the name of triumph and nostalgia, here is the intro to Zoombinis. It's basically a string of logic and reasoning puzzles dressed up as fancy frog rides and pizza-making challenges. For the record, the Mudball Wall level is still the best thing ever.

Tags: caz's brain needs to train, flawless victory!, o hai it's a video
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